Super Wonderful Life #27


Super Wonderful Life #26


WRAITH – Extended Preview

A short story I’m working on.

 Wraith - extended preview

Leave your answer with your name and email in the comments below. Five lucky winners will win a piece of shit worth two shits!

Super Wonderful Life #25

super 025

Super Wonderful Life #24

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New Areas Unlocked

Area Unlocked web

~Special thanks to JF Koh for his generous and awesome work in helping build my site~

Super Wonderful Life #23

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Super Wonderful Life #22

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 I stopped eating meat four years ago and never looked back.

Have always refrained from posting such videos, but ah, what the hell. Time to share the awareness. So open your eyes and watch. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll wake up too.



Super Wonderful Life #21

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Super Wonderful Life #20

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Super Wonderful Life #19

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Match Point Vol.1


Match Point cover


by Adrian Teo (story) & Kenfoo (art)

120 pages | Full Colour

Super Wonderful Life #18

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Super Wonderful Life #17

Got an email yesterday from a Kenfoonatic. <– Yes, this is now the official word for a fan and worshipper of yours truly.

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Super Wonderful Life #16

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