Farewell, 老夫子

Farewell, legendary 王澤. Thank you for creating 老夫子. Your comics brought me much joy, entertainment and inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Farewell, 老夫子

  1. But your humour is conveyed through sadism, gore, nudity, violence, bitch-slapping kids (i.e. yourself in the childhood series), and shit.

    Sorry. What should I do to be able to see how good old 老夫子inspired you? Let me know if there are other variant editions of 老夫子 that I didn’t get to read at the neighborhood unisex hair salon.


  2. Why, how dare you question me! I don’t what you’ve been reading, but the 老夫子 I know is full of all that violence (except shit and nudity)!


  3. fookin hell m8 dat sounds right exactly like yer arse wuld say now wuldnnit? olright cheerios m8 keep on keepin on


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