Super Wonderful Life #27


4 thoughts on “Super Wonderful Life #27

  1. For me, I enjoy onsen outdoors. The cool air above at your head while the warm water attempts to slowly blanch you.

    Indoor onsen does not make much sense. You need to look out to see the sky and the occasional overhanging branches blocking partially your view of the sun and clouds.

    Also for onsen to really work, every user really needs to take care of their personal cleanliness and hygiene. That is why I stopped using public Jacuzzis at cruises. Its like a melting pot of flavours, fats and oil.


  2. Don’t think I’d ever have the chance of doing outdoor Onsen in Japan until they change certain policies…

    Good point on the hygiene! I didn’t think of that. Though I would brave through the shit if it were mixed gender Onsen… hoho.


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