Super Wonderful Life #25

super 025

8 thoughts on “Super Wonderful Life #25

  1. What a beautiful piece of shit, mixed blood leh.

    Did you eat Western food and Asian food together? Your other shit must be so jealous of this beauty.


  2. The reason why fart smells is because it is a sophisticated vaporising technique that turns faeces into molecular form small enough to be carried on wind. That’s why it smells. You are breathing in shit.

    Essentially, what this means is that if we fart enough, we do not need to shit actually.

    On this note, my point to you here is that farting should be your area of interest as well.

    In the scenario that there is a growing activism amongst the farting faction, to replace shitting with really excessive farting, completely vaporise faeces and make shitting obsolete…

    Do you see that threatening the art of drawing shit? As some of the few remaining artists still drawing shit, do you worry that people would lose connections with your work and eventually not recognise what you are drawing anymore?


  3. Yea… I think not. My mastery is one of sight, not of sound and smell. But to answer your question: Do people lose appreciation for the great renaissance and baroque artists of old? If anything at all, the replacement of bowel movements with pure farts, however far-fetched and unlikely (not to mention make for a very impolite society), would only put me among the ranks of Michelangelo and his like. Would I not already be a legend in the making if so?


  4. Dear Ken,

    I need your help. I just woke up with a constipated dream, or rather nightmare.

    The whole of last night, I was dreaming of myself exerting very hard to squeeze out rock hard pieces of highly constipated dry bowels. When they came out, they had the shape of the dark soy sauce meat patties my mom used to make. But if you look closer, they were made up of small globules of shit.

    One by one, I diligently squeezed them out. Somehow the common dining plate appeared before me. And I laid the shit onto it one piece after another. This was the process throughout the night. You can imagine how tired I am now.

    Without delay, I think the most wise thing to do is to quickly escalate the matter to you. What do you advise?

    P.S. if you need more info, feel free to let me know. FYI, when I woke up, I looked around. The plate is gone and I don’t see any patty like stuff around me. And my pillow was on the floor.


  5. Ah. This, like all dreams of shit, only bode good fortunes to come. In your particular case, piling shit upon shit on your plate, means your wealth will vastly increase. Investments made will reap much bountiful returns, or perhaps a windfall awaits should you decide to go to the casinos. In any case, good luck is imminent. Always also remember to do more good deeds to facilitate this good fortune to a return cycle.

    My bank account is open for donation should you feel so obliged.



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