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~Special thanks to JF Koh for his generous and awesome work in helping build my site~

6 thoughts on “New Areas Unlocked

  1. The poem riddle for “???” is interesting. Need more time to decode.

    Speaking of poem, I also got 1 piece to share… *shy.

    I’m a little ambitious. Trying to pack in a lot of elements which are some of the social ills our society is diseased with.

    It is titled “Father”.

    > My wife has a major crush on my father
    > Because she misses her own father
    > And then I became a father
    > For my father

    Due to the nature of the poem, the only place I can think of to share this literary work is ken foo’s blog.


  2. I was hoping you would give me some critique or perhaps suggestions for improvements for my poem.

    I thought it was nice that I was able to integrate so many “themes”.

    P.S. I really cant solve your poem riddle at “???”. Is there any clues or help? What is “Eleven”? And I don’t get the rock with star and that carnation-looking plant. Why is it so hard? Your website has so little mass appeal. Maybe you and your pretentious book club friends (or maybe you call them associates) will get it. Like it is so obvious and easy. You know what I mean? Do you get what I say? Is my English too simple to understand for you?

    I am not here to cause trouble. What I am saying here basically, is that… can I have more clues please?


  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even though I did intend for it to be quite difficult, and I really don’t care if no one solves it (I don’t think anyone has), I actually thought the clues were obvious enough. Maybe only obvious to me…? No, no, impossible… I think the clues are fair enough.

    Anyway I think no one can even be bothered to attempt it past 2 minutes but you. LOL. So I guess I should give you some extra clues for your efforts. But I think that would only take away the satisfaction that would make the accomplishment all the sweeter without extra help.

    Or do you have any cryptologist friends who might be able to help you out in a group effort? I believe in your puzzle-solving abilities and perseverance! Trudge on, Miesterhelix! Or give up. There is no shame in it.

    P.S. If I gave a shit about mass appeal I would not be able to do all the awesome stuff that I do?


  4. 1) No constructive critique on my poem
    2) Didn’t bother to pay my poem any compliments (when clearly I am inviting for praise and flattery)
    3) No clues on the fucking riddle. Instead told me, “Don’t be so hard on yourself”

    You suck.


  5. Okay okay very nice poem so deep it made me cry.

    Fine! I’ll give you a clue! Just know that with this I lost 2 points of respect for you!
    Puzzle clue: The hour glass with the twin horns represents eleven.
    The flower is a rose. Not a carnation.

    I’ve said too much.


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