Super Wonderful Life #22

super 022


 I stopped eating meat four years ago and never looked back.

Have always refrained from posting such videos, but ah, what the hell. Time to share the awareness. So open your eyes and watch. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll wake up too.



2 thoughts on “Super Wonderful Life #22

  1. This post cleanses my spirit. I feel clean and pure after reading it. So much kindness and warmth. Feel like I am reuniting with Mother Earth and all the other animals.

    But all the rah-rah about him being vegan is really bs. There is at least this 1 post that I remembered that he bullied a neighbour’s maltese that went missing.

    Even worse, I don’t think this is what Mama Ken would think it’s right to lose other people’s pet birds and leave them to die under the paws of wild cats.

    Also I am not sure if this is what Carlos really wanted. Carlos may be a young bird and cannot make good life decisions. He may have thought that the world outside is colourful and fun and flew out the moment the cage was open. But as we all know, the world outside is cruel. Had he known better, he would have enjoyed life in his little home. I have personally seen birds which have willingly confined themselves to a life behind a cage. And they are happy. Look at Tweety Bird.

    But I still feel clean and pure after reading the post. I truly believe Ken is doing it as a ‘Do Good, Feel Good’. It’s nice to see people aiming to be good. But it is really naïve and plain silly. Some protein and nourishment from meat would help.


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