Dracula! I Hate Your Hair!: Bullet Hell Edition – Tee Design

Dracula! I Hate Your Hair! - small

Dracula has gotten himself a new perm! And in what rad colours! The count is made hip again! Mina and Lucy just love it! The atmosphere in the castle is made more lively! Not impressed, however, are those two usual stiffs of a bore, *yawn* Jonathan Harker and Dr.Van Helsing… sharing common view as well with (Is it any wonder?) the townsfolk of London. For if it’s anything more horrifying to them than a blood sucking monster, it’s a blood sucking monster wearing that hairdo! And so sadly, once again, another end has to be put to one of the count’s many eccentricities. But the hell if tomorrow’s vogue is going down without a fight, yes; BULLET HELL STYLE!

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