2012 Awakening

2012 doomsday 1 2012 doomsday 2

Well, at least that was my cheeky plan for survival some time ago… haha. But during the past year, my consciousness began to shift. After 2012, we will move past the cycle of the material age into that of the spiritual age.

2012 Message to Humanity

I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from my blog to dedicate more time to reflecting and guiding myself forward, to also step up work on my graphic novel and perhaps open myself up to other creative possibilities as well. But when or if I do return to the blog, one thing is for sure: I won’t be blogging on anymore petty musings of my life. I feel that ‘Muse of a Wonderful Life’ has fulfilled its purpose in some way, and I feel a strong need to move on now. To learn universal love means having to transcend intolerance towards horse shit that I seemingly perceive to encounter day to day… (Haha.) Such a change is inevitable ever since I became aware of my higher consciousness, for I can now truly perceive my ego’s mechanisms and averseness to the things that vex my experience, because I was truly my own worst enemy. Once you come to this higher realization with clarity, your ego will diminish significantly, and thus heightens your freedom, spirituality, and ultimately towards making the world a better place not only for humankind, but for every other living being as well.

If you’re a reader of my blog, then I strongly belief there must be a part of you inside that is ready to awake, or perhaps you’ve already begun to but just don’t know it yet. In any case, I thank you for reading and I hope I’ve contributed something your way since I first began.

Trust in your inner intuition, stay true, and you will find your way, always. The presence of now is truly what’s most important. Let us awake. For Freedom, Love, Forever.

I’ll see you if you’re still around then, dear friends.

Love & Peace~


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