Comic Underground Magazine Issue 4: Dragon Glade Faux Retrospect

I first entered the industry of comics in 2005 with my very first comic publication, Dragon Glade #1. Although being the first of many planned issues down the line, subsequent issues never took off for a multitude of reasons, unfortunately. A year later, devastated, I burnt every last copy to the ground. Till today, I’ve never quite gotten over it… and perhaps never will. However doomed from the start though, it was still nevertheless my maiden title.

Cover of Dragon Glade #1

Dragon Glade is something that I now look back upon with nostalgic cringe; a combination of the naiveté of my youth, the inexperience and willfully over ambitious strain of my genius, and my devastatingly backfired assumption of its peculiar direction to appeal to any taste other than my own. (Oh, you have no idea.) But here, now, today, I take up courage to revisit Dragon Glade from the fragments of its potential that were never realized; to envision what it could have been, in a faux retrospective short tribute to my very first comic, now kept locked away in a special place in my heart, and forever lost to the ashes in the ground.

In this issue of Comic Underground Magazine, you shall be given a small glimpse into the light that never shone.


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