STGCC 2010

Hello again dear friends,

The SINGAPORE TOY GAMES & COMIC CONVENTION 2010 will be coming this December, and I’ll be at the artist’s alley, sharing under the WAYLAND SMITH PROJECTS booth. All my books will be on sale there, so if for some reason you haven’t offered your loyal purchases yet, this is your chance.

*Please take note; that there will be strictly no photo-taking, no touching, no requesting of drawing any stupid pictures, no touting, and if you’re a weirdo, please stay the hell away from me. If you fail to comply with any of these rules, I will smack you in the mouth and then call security on you, or smack you in the mouth until security comes down on me. If for some reason I’m not around when you’re there, do feel free to gallivant or banter with my other booth mates and check out their stuff too.

One last thing; do feel free to bring me food, drinks, snacks, like chocolates, nice biscuits, misc tidbits, etc. I’m open to food.

See ya~

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