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FLF 11 year Anniversary

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The Mad Dragoon: The Valley of Fog & Death

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Oh my, what day is today?

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Made the shift into this reality!! So excited~~~~~!!


Happy New Year 2020!

Super Wonderful Life #31

super 031



Okay I don’t care what people think, I loved MoS and BvS.

But Zack Snyder’s vision of the DC cinematic universe was fell short by a bastardized version of the Justice League film that left too much to be desired upon when he had to exit in his directorial duties due to a family tragedy. For many fans who wish to see the film realized in its original vision, it has grown into an obsession. This small series of art and write up is my personal voice towards the movement’s momentum to shift into a reality where the released Snyder cut exists.



Zack Snyder led a vision starting with Man of Steel that gave Superman a lot of heart, a character study carefully portrayed by the burden of concealing his superhuman abilities from a world that might react with fear.

In the film, a Plato reading Clark Kent suggests this Superman as a deeper thinker, a nicely hinted philosophical slant to ground him beyond just his physical capabilities. His endearing foster parents who cultivates him are well written, especially the role of father Kent who sacrifices himself to protect his alien son is a powerful one -A tragedy that poignantly imprints onto young Clark the need for patience and a belief in the greater good until the world is ready for him to maybe become their protector one day.


The building of Clark’s character from his coming of age to eventually becoming a man and a symbol of hope is a beautiful one. Lois Lane, is interesting to watch as events unfold from her tenacious journalistic angle, and serving as a voice of integrity against the backdrop of the Daily Planet, which tunes as a consensus of the world’s view and attention. A damsel in distress, she is certainly more than.

As for the villain, General Zod is outstandingly self-righteous as an indomitably will-powered villain. His motivations were well crafted by a perversely noble military doctrine, reaching a level of morbidity in committing planetary genocide to revive his Kryptonian race; morality taking a back seat at the behest of optimum survival. In the sea of forgettable superhero film villains, Zod stands out.

Not to mention, the Hans Zimmer soundtrack in MoS that carries on in part to the next film is just absolutely phenomenal.

I was never a fan of Superman until MoS.



Though all the destruction in MoS might initially seem a tad bit overkill, it clearly makes sense later on to serve as a necessity for the events and motivations where Batman vs Superman followed.

The film explores a heavier philosophical and political undertone with a gravity of issues. It is the start of the world coming to existential terms with god-like beings, and the desperation of humans and heroes alike trying to do what’s right in the face of grave destruction and new threats. Do we reject the co-existence of superior beings out of legitimate fear or otherwise, or do we embrace new extensions of universal life and explore possibilities of the unknown universe? And genius villain Lex Luthor embodies the former to an awesome maniacal degree of contempt and envy in his answer.

Wonder Woman

I loved the sombre tone and the weighty decisions presented upon a fledgling, optimistic Superman versus a Batman seasoned with cynicism. I absolutely loved the direction of where the DC cinematic universe was going. The casting of the actors, big and small throughout the films were near impeccable.


Like the Nolan Batman trilogy, the subjects explored in Zack Snyder’s DC films are almost never explored in your other usual colourful superhero clichéd popcorn blockbusters. And it’s what makes them good. The films were not rushed as most would clamour about, they were in fact meticulously well thought-out, and written to be explored across multiple films, for the newer characters to develop further, in more substantial ways.


And then Josh Whedon took over Justice League halfway through.

Let’s… not talk about that movie. I don’t know what to say.

Whether it was studio executive interference or not, it was just disrespectful on so many levels.


If you are obsessed with the Snyder cut or yearn to see it as I do; then share in your own way with the powers that be what you love about the prior films and your desire for the Snyder cut as well. Let us will the Snyder cut into existence!


Super Wonderful Life #30

super 030

Kawaii Magical Girl

Now available to play at

(Do clear your browser cache beforehand.)


I’ve had the superb fortune of working with programmer Luke Wu and music composer Jerry Poh, two very talented people on this pet project of mine. Big credits to them. We’ve put in a lot of effort into creating this. Brings a tear to my eye.

Enjoy the game! Good luck & have fun!

Bonus: Share this post and be blessed with a 3% luck boost when playing!

Upcoming CCG: Volition

Art that I’m doing for a world’s first Crypto Collectible Card Game: Volition


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A New Year

2018 confetti

Super Wonderful Life #29

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